When LeanIn.Org launched in 2013, I edited 50 articles called, “Lean In Stories,” to help the nonprofit prepare for publication. It was an honor and pleasure to read the inspirational stories of women who made the choice to lean in to their work, leadership roles, and other ventures like parenting or pursuing a lifelong goal.

Since then, I’ve also written a circle guide and drafted some fun marketing emails for the organization.

  • I designed this mock newsletter and wrote the copy, selected images, and chose related content to create a realistic portrayal of my editorial and content marketing skills for their Ban Bossy Campaign: Ban Bossy Email Newsletter.
  • This next email newsletter shows more of my editorial and content marketing skills. I designed this from scratch using my own ideas about what I thought would appeal to a younger audience demographic to promote the release of Sandberg’s new book release for college graduates: Lean In for Graduates Email.


I wrote a personal essay about resilience for the launch of OptionB.Org, an initiative created by the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation that helps people with deal with grief and loss. You can view the essay here.