Christa Fletcher is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist, who seeks to help people achieve their digital media and marketing goals. She’s worked for start-ups and large corporations, managing their content production and development processes in order to produce high-quality digital content for readers.

From college planning and educational articles to managing lifestyle content verticals for women and

teens, Christa knows how to develop strong editorial for any topic and audience. She’s worked in every step of the content production process to create digital media that’s visually appealing and engaging. She has in-depth knowledge about the technology behind design, web development, and SEO, because she’s worked side-by-side with art directors, designers, engineers and product managers with great success.

As a content strategist, she has been the “clean-up-our-content” guru. Brands hire her to launch and redesign new websites with fresh articles, blog posts, and other branded marketing copy. She is a team player who is creative and likes to work on projects that make people’s lives better.

Most recently, Christa founded an independent publishing company called EmpowerMint Press and published her first children’s book titled, “What Are Mommies Made Of?” which is available on EmpowerMintPress.com and other major book retailers.

For copy writing, editing, and content strategy help, please contact Christa on LinkedIn.