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EmpowerMint Press

I believe we all have the power to share an amazing story. That’s why I created my publishing company, EmpowerMint Press. My background in journalism helped me learn that there are many ways we can share our experiences, whether it be through captivating interviews and articles, or through creative storytelling in the form of children’s books, novels, essays, and short stories.

My goal is to help other writers publish empowering books. Our motto is: We publish positivity. If you are interested in learning more about my independent publishing company, please visit:


When I became a mom, I wrote an empowering children’s book for new moms, but couldn’t find a way to publish it the way I wanted. I founded EmpowerMint Press with the mission to help writers get their work published through a hybrid approach — they’d have professional guidance like an independent publisher, but they’d also get to participate in the creative process too.

I published my book, “What Are Mommies Made Of?” (pictured above) in 2019 and now we are finishing up a second book by author David Keyes.

What If My Nana Was a Banana?” by David Keyes with illustrations by Lauren Lowen, is a hilarious adventure about a young kid who misses Nana and decides to write an epic tale of their quest together to save the world and beyond. The book empowers young kids to write their own stories and believe in the power of their fantastic imaginations. The book was published in January 2022 and is available to purchase here.